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To start the trail, make your way to the starting point at Wycombe Tourist Information Office (the Library). You can find the location on the map marked in the following way:

When you arrive at a location marked on the map you can click on the map marker to get more information about the current location you are at.

Each location has its own video and our soldier guide, John, will tell you about the history of each location during the war. You can also look at the background notes and additional pictures. If you don’t have the option to listen to the video, just click the dialogue button to read what John and his friends have to say.

Work your way through all the locations to finish the trail.

Please take care whilst using this trail, making use of pedestrian crossings where available.


Many thanks to the following people and organisations who have all contributed to the creation of this trail.

Kristen Bailey
Harrison Boileau
Ian Beckett
Jill Boyd
Hilary Brash
Liam Burton
Helena Chance
Malcolm Connell
Mike Dewey
Matt Dye
Rachel Ervine
Final Year Students BSc Computing/Web Development
First Year students, BA (Hons) Creative Advertising
Jamie Flitney
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James Hemsley
John Hampden Grammar School
Jon Jackson
Jackie Kay
Hannah Krasner
Ian Massey
Richard Mather
Bjorn Rose
Royal Grammar School
Sally Scagell
David Scott and Ian Simmons, authors of "High Wycombe's Contribution to Aviation"
Bruce Sinclair
The High Wycombe Society
Renee Thomassen
Devon van Der Berg
Luca Webb
Wycombe High School
Wycombe Library Local Studies Collection